Telescopes For Sale

Whether you are new or a veteran astronomer we all had to start somewhere and so on this site we will cover all the different types of telescope available in the UK today from cheap to premium
Telescopes including Celestron,Skywatcher and Astronomical. Constantly updated we feature the newest and best on the market.

There are many on the market however one of the best ones for the budget conscious is the Celestron Astromaster this is  very keenly priced. Packed with features it is ideal as a first reflector and easy to operate, for the beginner its perfect. Features include:

  • Very simple to setup
  • Start viewing the stars in minutes
  • Great for both terrestrial and astronomical use.
  • You will be viewing sky objects in no time thanks to its easy assembly.
  • Ready out of the box, 1.25” steel legs which are sturdy and reliable



Main Types of Telescope

Searching through the galaxies, viewing the stars have been of interest to man since the beginning of time. These days that dream is a reality due to the power and availability of the telescope. There are many types most commonly refractors which gives you the ability to view the moon and the night sky bending light to create a viewable image.Other types include the Dobsonian telescope, this was made popular by Mr.John Dobson who was an amateur astronomer in the 1960`s its very simple to operate and comes mounted and relatively easy to transport.. Its cost is mid range compared to a refractor but then its mirror lens are more larger and thus has increased capacity to see a whole lot more such as further away planets and stars.There is also the Catadioptric telescope, these are powerful and utilise both corrector lenses and mirrors (refraction plus reflector combined as one optical system) they are ideal when it comes to planetary observations benefiting from there high focus capability.